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15 Combination Rod and Cup Holder

15 Combination Rod and Cup Holder


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15 Combination Rod and Cup Holder by Mate Series | For Fishing | Fishing at West Marine. MATE SERIES 15 Combination Rod and Cup Holder Why cut two holes in your boat when one will do? Mate Series™ Combination Rod & Cup Holders function exactly like a standard cup holder and fishing rod holder combined. What this means is that a boat equipped with four cup holders and four rod holders would only need four Mate Series to do the same job. The result is a vessel with a less cluttered appearance that is easier to maintain. Mate Series™ Combination Rod & Cup Holders do more than just improve the way your boat looks they are also the solution to the age-old dilemma of what to do when a fish strikes and you have a drink in your hand. You could just toss that drink to your buddy but he’s got to reel in the other lines. So you either search for a cup holder or drop it on the deck. And of course every second counts with a fish on the line! With Mate Series all that has changed; you just swap drink for rod and start reeling. It’s as simple as that. These are the first ever dual-use Fishing Rod & Drink Holders. Made of ABS Plastic. Compared to traditional single use rod holders, installation of the Mate Series Dual-Use Rod & Drinks Holder is easy. The part that fits in the gunwale (the drink holder), isnt angled, which eliminates the need for a difficult angled hole-saw cut. Product is sold by the individual rod holder. Features: Combination Rod and Cup Holder ABS Plastic Color: White Round Top 15 degree Drain at Bottom

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