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4200 Fast Cure Polyurethane/Adhesive Sealant, Black

4200 Fast Cure Polyurethane/Adhesive Sealant, Black


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4200 Fast Cure Polyurethane/Adhesive Sealant, Black by 3m | For Boats | Boat Maintenance at West Marine. Cures fast and forms a watertight seal between joints and hardware. One-part, all-purpose sealant chemically reacts with moisture and forms flexible, watertight, weather-resistant seals on joints and hardware. Can be used above or below the waterline; approximately half the strength of 3Ms 5200, which allows for eventual dissasembly of parts. Note: Can be softened by some teak cleaners and sealers and is not recommended for sealing teak decks. Key features Forms watertight, weather-resistant seals Chemically reacts with moisture to deliver flexible bonds Can be used above or below the waterline Cleans up with mineral spirits or kerosene Specifications Formulation: One-part fast-cure polyurethane adhesive/sealant Recommended Usage: Fiberglass, wood, metal, some plastics, above or below water Material Incompatibilities: Acrylics, ABS, Lexan Cure Time: Tack-free: 2hrs.; Complete cure: 24hrs. Cleanup: Mineral spirits or kerosene Removal: Mechanical removal Tensile strength: 300psi

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