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AMS Bowfishing Retriever TNT Reel

AMS Bowfishing Retriever TNT Reel


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The super-fast-retrieving, zero-drag, tangle-free Retriever TNT Reel from AMS Bowfishing features a 4.3:1 gear ratio that brings in 27″ of line per turn. This results in more shots and more fish in your boat. Its high-torque extended handle lets you muscle big fish when you need to. Corrosion-resistant composite housing covers the machined, solid-brass gears and stainless steel hardware for long-lasting durability. Bottle is filled with 35 yds. of 350-lb.-test braided Spectra fishing line. Bottle’s oversized opening creates less line friction for more powerful hits. Built-in quiver holds your arrows. Clamp/quiver mounting system attaches to the sight holes on your bow and provide four-way adjustment. Made in USA. High-torque extended handle Corrosion-resistant composite housing Solid-brass gears Built-in quiver

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