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BlackOut 4-Finger Bow Release

BlackOut 4-Finger Bow Release


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Offering the same trustworthy performance as the BlackOut 3-Finger release in a 4-finger design, the BlackOut 4-Finger Bow Release performs in the stand or on the competition line. Built around a strong, machined aluminum handle and head, this efficient 4-finger release combines a solid steel hook jaw that automatically closes when you depress the trigger. This easy-to-use release also features a handle-mounted string loop retainer that securely holds the release on your string loop while waiting for your next shot. Adjustable trigger travel and tension combine with a movable thumb post for limitless customization to help archers find their sweet spot. Large thumb post features a knurled surface for sure control. Offset design allows the centerline of the release to line up directly with the bow’s string loop for a smooth and accurate, tension-free release every time. Adjustable lanyard included. Efficient, easy-to-use, 4-finger bow release Strong, machined aluminum handle and head Solid steel hook-style jaw Handle-mounted string loop retainer Easy trigger pressure adjustment – 3 settings Large knurled thumb peg Offset design Adjustable lanyard included

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