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ML-ACR Automatic Charging Relay with Manual Control, 500A

ML-ACR Automatic Charging Relay with Manual Control, 500A


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ML-ACR Automatic Charging Relay with Manual Control, 500A by Blue Sea Systems | Marine Electrical at West Marine. 500 Amp magnetic latching (bi-stable) Automatic Charging Relay will automatically combine batteries during charging and isolate batteries when discharging or when starting engine. The ML-ACR (Magnetic Latch-Automatic Charging Relay) and ML-RBS (Remote Battery Switch, sold separately), when paired, provide complete battery management of large battery banks with the push of a button. In addition to automatically sharing the charge from an engine’s alternator between the start and auxiliary battery, the ML-ACR control switch combines batteries momentarily to assist with starting in the event an engine battery is low. With the optional Blue Sea Systems 9160 Paralleling Link Bus (sold separately), multiple remote battery switches can be easily connected to the ML-ACR for a complete remote battery management subsystem. An automatic charge relay (ACR) performs several tasks. It combines two battery banks to charge them from a single source, and isolates each bank as required to prevent accidental discharge and protect sensitive circuits. The Blue Sea Systems ML-series ACR adds some additional features and allows the user to choose how the battery banks are isolated. Blue Sea Systems designed the ML-Series heavy duty Automatic Charge Relay to manage large battery banks with push-button convenience. The ACR is mounted close to batteries and battery switches to reduce heavy cable runs and simplify installation. An Ignition protection rating allows the ACR to be installed in the engine room of gasoline powered boats. An included remote switch controls the ACR and requires as little as 20 AWG wire; saving time and expense of running heavy gauge cable. The ML-Series offers some additional control at the remote switch. The included Contura style switch allows the user to select ON, AUTO, and OFF: to combine the two banks in emergency situation, select autom

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