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Boneco U100 Travel Humidifier


Boneco U100 Travel Humidifier


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The BONECO U100 travel humidifier lets you enjoy perfectly humidified air anywhere- when traveling, at home or in the office. Thanks to the bottle adapter, you can easily use a 0.5-liter plastic bottle as a water tank and humidify the room air with clean water. The bottle adapter is designed for use with the two most common bottle opening diameters. The cover of the BONECO U100 not only gives the ultrasonic humidifier an attractive and compact design, but it also turns into a functional stand during operation. As a result, the humidifier is at an optimal set-up height for efficient air humidification. The additional cover insert is used for practical, simple storage of the power cord during transport. The BONECO U100 is operated with an intuitive “one-button operation” concept. Both performance levels (low and high), as well as various color modes, can be operated with the simple operating button. LED lighting ensures a custom ambiance for the product. For undisturbed nighttime operation, the light on the unit can also be switched off. Ideal for rooms up to 215 sq ft Low-noise and high-frequency Automatic shut-off and low-water detection Camping World Boneco U100 Travel Humidifier

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