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BSA Sweet .22 AO Compact Rifle Scope

BSA Sweet .22 AO Compact Rifle Scope


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The BSA Sweet .22 AO Compact Rifle Scope is specifically designed for guns using the .22LR cartridge. To give this scope even more exacting long-range performance, it comes with 3 ballistically calibrated turrets that match up with 36-, 38-, and 40-grain .22LR cartridges. Fully coated lenses and 3X to 9X magnification combine for up-close, colorful, and bright images of your target. Climate Xtreme Protection technologies ensure that this rifle scope is shock-, fog, and waterproof for uninterrupted performance in the field. The BSA Sweet .22 AO Compact Rifle Scopes also feature a 30/30 reticle, and they come with rings and a 2-piece dovetail mount. Manufacturer model #: 22-27X32AOCWRTB. Specifically designed to work with the 22LR cartridge Includes 3 ballistically calibrated turrets Fully coated lenses 3X to 9X magnification Shock-, fog, and waterproof 30/30 reticle Includes rings and a 2-piece dovetail mount

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