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Garrett Metal Detectors Handheld Metal Detector Plastic 1165900

Garrett Metal Detectors Handheld Metal Detector Plastic 1165900


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Hand-Held Metal Detector Tactical Hand-Held (THD) ABS Plastic Material Exterior Length (In.) 8 1/2 in Exterior Width (In.) 1 1/2 in Exterior Height (In.) 8 3/7 in Thickness (In.) 1 1/2 in Weight (Lbs.) 0.4 lb Audio Alarm Silent Alarm Only Operating Frequency (Hz) 95 kHz Max. Operating Temp. -35 Degrees to +158 Degrees F Scans 360 Degrees Detection Range; All Ferrous Non-Ferrous and Stainless Steel Weapons Contraband and Other Metallic Objects LED/Silent Vibrate Indicator

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Garrett Metal Detectors


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