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Goal Zero Flip 24 Power Bank – Blue

Goal Zero Flip 24 Power Bank – Blue


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When your adventure takes you off grid, the Goal Zero Flip 24 Power Bank has a surplus of energy that’s ready to keep your smartphone and other electronics up and running. Simply flip out the built-in 1A USB output and plug it into any USB port. The Flip 24 will be fully charged in 4 hours and ready to take with you on your next day hike or camping trip. When you need power, this compact and highly portable 6,700mAh powerhouse delivers up to 2 full phone charges, 3 POV camera charges, 25 headlamp charges, or a 50% boost to a tablet. Its internal li-ion battery can recharge hundreds of times. Easy-to-read battery indicator. If you’re an avid camper or a multiday hiker, you should know that the Goal Zero Flip 24 portable phone charger pairs up with the Nomad 5 Solar Panel (not included), which can give it a recharge in about 810 hours. Recharges your smartphone and other electronics Plugs into any USB port Charges in 4 hours Compact and highly portable Up to 2 full phone charges Up to 3 POV camera charges 25 headlamp charges Li-ion battery recharges hundreds of times Easy-to-read battery indicator Pairs with the Nomad 5 Solar Panel (not included)

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