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Roosta Popper, 7 3/4″ by Halco Lures | Fishing at West Marine

Roosta Popper, 7 3/4″ by Halco Lures | Fishing at West Marine


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Roosta Popper, 7 3/4″ by Halco Lures | Fishing at West Marine. Halcos Roosta Popper 195 is built tough enough for giant trevally to dogtooth tuna. Built with cutting edge technology, the Halco Roosta Popper 195 offers heavy-duty construction with custom made 7XX fish rings and extra strong #5/0 Mustad treble hooks. This haymaker can be blooped on the surface, wound in at speed or trolled to catch your slugger. With their unique head design, the Roosta Popper 195 creates a long, bubbly trail and loud noise escaping the poppers contoured cup sides. Anglers can alter the action of this lure by lowering the rod tip closer to the surface of the water for more bubble action in rough water and strong winds. By changing the height of the rod tip, you can change how the lure responds and swims underwater. Salt water predators will not be able to resist its erratic action. Key Features 7 3/4″ sized Roosta Popper 195 is ideal for monster fish Unique design ensures loud rattling noises with spraying action Durable for use season after season Comes standard with #5/0 Mustad Treble hooks and 7XX fish rings Ideal for slow to fast retrieve while trolling Head design is wide at the top and the tail

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