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Telescopic Travel Fishing Rod Combo – New KastKing Compass telescopic spinning combos are the perfect, go anywhere travel fishin…

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Telescopic Travel Fishing Rod Combo – New KastKing Compass telescopic spinning combos are the perfect, go anywhere travel fishing rod combo for active anglers. Never leave home again without your favorite fishing rod and reel because you don’t have space to take them with you. Compass rods collapse down to just 17″ long to travel anywhere.Lightweight, Sensitive Graphite Composite Blank – KastKing Compass Telescopic fishing rods are made using light, sensitive and durable graphite composite blanks. Graphite composite rod blanks are lighter than fiberglass fishing rod blanks and transmit energy better providing for better performance and bite sensitivity. The split rear handle design reduces weight and provides for better balance.Spinning Combo Includes A High-Performance Spinning Reel – The Compass spinning reel is made using a lightweight and extremely strong graphite frame for durable performance. The reel includes an aluminum spool that is perfect for either mono or braided line. We use 4 stainless steel ball bearings plus an infinite anti-reverse for smooth and consistent performance. The drag delivers smooth, hesitation free drag up to 12 lbs.Premium Components and Construction – Only high-quality components are used in the construction of the new KastKing Compass Telescopic travel rods. Lightweight graphite spinning reel seats and graphite casting reel seats with a trigger will keep fishing reels securely in place. Stainless-steel guide frames with Titanium Oxide ceramic rings are perfect for use with mono, fluorocarbon and braided fishing lines. Each travel rod also includes a Drop Shot style hook keeper.Easy to Pack and Travel – One piece and even 2-piece rods are difficult and expensive to travel with. The KastKing Compass Travel rod series will pack easily into back packs, luggage, on an airplane, golf bag, motorcycle or just about anywhere you want to go. Never leave home without a fishing rod! You never know when you’re going to come across a great place to go fishing and wish you had a telescopic fishing pole with you. They also reduce fishing rod storage space at home between trips.Product DescriptionKastKing Compass Telescopic Spinning Rods/Combo and Casting RodsKastKing Compass telescopic travel fishing rods and combo are the perfect solution for active anglers. They are easy to pack, take up only a small amount of space and store easily when you get home. The new KastKing Compass Telescopic spinning rods/combo and casting rods are expertly made and are the best value today in Telescopic fishing rods and they collapse easily to only 17″ in overall length.Each Compass spinning rod/combo or casting rod is made using a graphite composite blank that is light, sensitive and extremely durable. Graphite composite blanks provide more sensitivity and performance than 100% glass rod blanks and are much lighter and thinner. All Compass rods are designed with a split rear handle design which helps to reduce weight even further and allows the rods to be perfectly balanced. Plus, there’s a KastKing Compass Telescopic travel combo that will be perfect for your next trip.KastKing uses only high-quality components in the construction of the Compass rod series including graphite spinning and casting reel seats. Guides frames are all stainless steel which are light and strong and feature Titanium Oxide ceramic rings so they are perfectly suited for mono, fluorocarbon or braided fishing lines.

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