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Limbsaver FW1 Stabilizer Enhancer

Limbsaver FW1 Stabilizer Enhancer


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Steady your high performance compound bow even more while settling in on the target with the Limbsaver FW1 Stabilizer Enhancer. This handy enhancer adds 5.6 oz. of forward weight to your stabilizer to help keep your bow steady while you center your pin. This enhancer comes with two 2 oz. weights, but allows you to additional weights (not included) to the end using the built in 5/16″ thread mount. A double broadband design, the FW1 also reduces vibration after the shot for a smoother shot. Works with any stabilizer with a 5/16″ thread mount. Manufacturer model #: 4820. Easy-to-use stabilizer enhancer from Limbsaver Helps steady bow even more while sighting in Adds 5.6 oz. of forward weight to your stabilizer Comes with two 2 oz. weights – accepts more (not included) Double broadband design – reduces vibration for smoother shots Works with any stabilizer with a 5/16″ thread mount

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