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Meguiar s M4901 Marine and RV Heavy Duty Safe Oxidation Remover 1 Fluid Gallon


Meguiar s M4901 Marine and RV Heavy Duty Safe Oxidation Remover 1 Fluid Gallon

Original price was: $64.88.Current price is: $51.95.

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Enjoying the shine of your clean boat a day out on the lake is the best feeling. Thankfully the Meguiar s Marine/RV Heavy-Duty Oxidation Remover will restore the shine and add some gloss to your boat or RV. This oxidation remover is formulated by enriched feeder oils to be effective by the use of hand or machine. You ll be able to safely remove moderate oxidation water spots stains and scratches. Perfect for boats or RV s that you ve had for a few years. Even better this larger 1-gallon container is more cost effective for larger boats and RV s. The unique diminishing abrasives in this heavy-duty remover break down and safely disappears during application. Your boat or RV s surface will be left with a brilliant look and shine. Don t worry about having to deal with the tough task of removing oxidation from your boat or RV thanks to this Meguiar s Marine/RV Heavy-Duty Oxidation Remover. Your boat/RV has never shown like this before.

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