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Muzzy Bowfishing Decay Compound Bow

Muzzy Bowfishing Decay Compound Bow


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A lightweight bow built to help archers stick fish with confidence, the Muzzy Bowfishing Decay Compound Bow helps bowfishermen bring in big fish. A highly adjustable bow design, the Decay offers draw weights from 20-50 lbs. and draw lengths from 24-31.5″ to help you find your perfect settings for a full night of shooting. Built around a lightweight, performance aluminum riser, this easy-to-maneuver 30.5″ axle-to-axle bow offers the power you want for big fish. Glove-free finger guards pre-installed on the string. 70% Let-Off. Brace Height: 7.3″. Weight: 3.65 lbs. Performance compound bow for bowfishermen Highly adjustable design Compact 70% Let-Off Glove-free finger guards pre-installed on the string

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