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Nightforce Optics ATACR F1 Rifle Scope – 7-35x56mm – Illuminated MOAR

Nightforce Optics ATACR F1 Rifle Scope – 7-35x56mm – Illuminated MOAR


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Nightforce Optics manufactures precision rifle scopes, constructed with rugged housings and robust mechanics to take a beating and continue preforming in rough, real-world environments. The ATACR F1 Rifle Scope has ZeroStop turrets to provide an incredible 100+ MOA of elevation adjustment and 60+ MOA of windage adjustment in .25 MOA clicks. The first focal plane DigIllum digital illuminated MOAR reticle has a floating center crosshair, and elevation and windage hashmarks for range estimation as well as compensating for bullet drop and wind drift at long range. The side parallax adjustment knob is marked with approximate numbered distances. An integrated Power Throw Lever (PTL) makes diopter adjustments fast and positive, and the diopter can also be locked to “set and forget”. Fully multi-coated ED glass results in high light transmission values, brilliant images from edge to edge, and exceptional color contrast. The ATACR F1 Rifle Scope delivers unmatched precision and repeatability for hitting targets at extreme long range. Rugged housing and robust mechanics 1st focal plane DigIllum illuminated reticle 100 MOA of elevation adjustment Fully multi-coated ED glass Side parallax adjustment ZeroStop turrets

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