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Orion 7.2-21.6mm Zoom Telescope Eyepiece

Orion 7.2-21.6mm Zoom Telescope Eyepiece


The Orion 7.2-21.6mm Zoom Eyepiece lets you change magnification easily. Twist the body to provide a continuous range of power, perfect for lunar, planetary and deep-sky objects. Long eye relief for eyeglass wearers. Threaded for 1.25 filters.

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The Orion 7.2-21.6mm Zoom Telescope Eyepiece is a welcome addition to any telescope accessory toolkit. This eyepiece has been a proven performer – it comes included in the Orion GrandView ED line of spotting scopes. Weve been so impressed with the optical performance there that we realized it would make an excellent astronomical eyepiece in its own right! Having multiple magnifications all built into one eyepiece allows the observer to quickly zoom to the right power for lunar, planetary and deep-sky observing, optimizing the size and contrast of the object on the fly. Actual magnification range will depend on the focal length of your telescope, but as an example: in an Orion SkyQuest 8 Dobsonian reflector with a 1200mm focal length, this eyepiece provides a continuous magnification range from 56x up to 167x. This 7 element telescope eyepiece provides exceptional edge performance, and boasts fully multi-coated optics and extra-long eye relief ranging from 20mm (at 21.6mm) to 18mm (at 7.2mm). The apparent field of view angle ranges from 42-deg (at 21.6mm) to 65-deg (at 7.2mm). Excellent optics, coupled with a wide field of view make this eyepiece just about the perfect eyepiece to pair with any telescope!

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