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Orion GiantView BT-100 ED 90-degree Binocular Telescope

Orion GiantView BT-100 ED 90-degree Binocular Telescope


With huge 100mm objective lenses, the Orion GiantView BT-100 ED 90 Binocular Telescope delivers an immersive observing experience. Using ED glass provides an incredibly sharp and high contrast image of both distant landscapes and wispy nebulae.

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With 100mm objective lenses, the Orion GiantView BT-100 ED 90 Binocular Telescope delivers an immersive observing experience. Stargazing or viewing distant terrestrial objects with two eyes provides an amazing amount of depth while also making observations more comfortable. Views of lunar craters to wispy nebulae will take on an almost 3D feel in the GiantView BT-100 ED. The 100mm aperture objective lenses gather 56% more light than 80mm binoculars. The Extra Low Dispersion lenses (ED) provide the highest quality image, minimizing false color and providing extremely detailed views. And the 90-deg angle provides the most comfortable viewing angle when aiming high into the night sky. The GiantView BT-100 ED Binocular Telescope includes a pair of 18mm 65-deg 1.25 eyepieces which provide 31x magnification and a 2.1-deg field. Individual eyepiece focusers provide precise focus control, while compression rings hold the eyepieces securely in place. One of our favorite features of the BT-100 ED is its ability to accept pairs of 1.25 eyepieces so you can control magnification depending on the object (requires two identical 1.25 eyepieces to work). For the best results, we recommend using pairs of 8mm or longer focal length 1.25 eyepieces with the BT-100 ED. You can also use pairs of 1.25 light pollution filters to improve contrast while observing deep sky objects. With filters installed, the BT-100 ED provides seriously amazing views of many deep sky delicacies.Thanks to its sealed construction and nitrogen purged body, the rugged BT-100 is waterproof for use in damp conditions, but its not designed for permanent outdoor placement. The GiantView BT-100 ED weighs 16.8 lbs. and requires a solid mount for stable support. A built-in 1/4-20 socket allows secure mount or dovetail plate attachment. NOTE: Standard camera tripods are not recommended for use with the GiantView BT-100 ED. Includes hard foam-lined carry case.

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