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Orion SkyScanner BL102mm TableTop Reflector Telescope Kit

Orion SkyScanner BL102mm TableTop Reflector Telescope Kit


Pop it on a picnic table or the hood of your car. This pint-sized powerhouse will show the whole family an array of celestial wonders on any clear night. Value-added Kit includes a Moon filter, book, and planisphere to enhance your experience.

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Theres a whole lot of universe to explore with this pint-sized powerhouse of a telescope. The Orion SkyScanner BL 102mm TableTop Reflector Kit, which includes three extra must-have items listed below, will let you survey celestial sights like the Moon, the Orion nebula, the Pleiades star cluster, and so much more. Its compact, user-friendly design offers simple up-down and left-right motion (alt-azimuth). Use your hand to point the telescope, then view. Its that easy. Optically, the SkyScanner BL 102mm TableTop Reflector has a 102mm (4) aperture primary mirror with a 640mm focal length (f/6.3). That means youll get bright, wide-field views of celestial targets and they will be easier to locate than with longer focal length telescopes. The included 25mm Kellner and 10mm Plossl eyepieces provide 26x and 64x magnifying power, respectively. Keep the one youre not using in the convenient eyepiece rack. These eyepieces are a definite cut above the typical cheapie jobs found in most competing beginner telescopes. Also included is a 3x Barlow lens, which triples the magnification of any eyepiece its used with. Its a great tool for getting in tight on your observing target. The non-magnifying red dot finder scope makes aiming the telescope a cinch. And to aid in viewing our favorite celestial object – the Moon – we include the Orion MoonMap 260. It shows the locations and names of over 260 features such as craters, mountains, valleys, and seas.In addition to the accessories noted above, the SkyScanner BL102mm TableTop Reflector Telescope Kit comes with a Moon Filter to cut the excessive surface brightness, our Star Target Planisphere, and Orions 174-page Telescope Observers Guide to help you find and enjoy some 60 objects visible with your telescope. Considering all you get, the SkyScanner BL102mm TableTop Reflector Telescope Kit is an incredible deal. Get yours and start exploring today.

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