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Orion StarBlast II 4.5 EQ Reflector Telescope Kit

Orion StarBlast II 4.5 EQ Reflector Telescope Kit


The StarBlast 4.5 reflector telescope kit on an adjustable EQ tripod makes it easy for the whole family to enjoy stargazing. Includes reference material, smartphone camera adapter, 2x Shorty Barlow lens, and more!

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A telescope is a great gift for those interested in space and the stars. Especially a telescope like the Orion StarBlast II 4.5 EQ Kit. Its a real, bona-fide reflector telescope with sophisticated features which will help inspire beginning stargazers night after night.With a 4.5-diameter reflector tube and sturdy equatorial (EQ) mount with slow-motion controls, this telescope goes beyond the capabilities of smaller beginner models to support amateur astronomers as their interest in space grows into a lifelong appreciation of stargazing and science. The StarBlast II 4.5 EQ will amaze the whole family with bright views thanks to its big, 4.5-aperture telescope tube, which collects a lot of light from the night sky to send bright, clear images of objects in space to the telescope eyepiece for viewing. The telescopes combination of short 500mm focal length and sizable 4.5 aperture means the StarBlast II 4.5 EQ will provide brighter views at any magnification compared to longer focal length telescopes, which makes it easier for everyone, and especially beginners, to locate interesting sights in the night sky. Using a telescope allows backyard stargazers to explore the sparkling night sky and search out interesting objects to observe. Everyone in the family will enjoy using the StarBlast II 4.5 EQ to look at fascinating craters, valleys and mountains on the Moon; and bright planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Even distant objects like star clusters, brighter nebulas and galaxies can be seen in this petite reflector telescope.This kit includes all the standard items, plus extra goodies to help make your experience even more fun: 25mm and 10mm Plossl eyepieces, EZ Finder II reflex sight (to make pointing the telescope easy), the DeepMap 600, MoonMap 260, and a smartphone camera adapter. A 2x Barlow lens doubles the power of the eyepieces, and a red LED keychain light helps to read the maps when out at night.

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