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ProSport Automatic Marine Battery Maintainer and Charger, 1.5 Amp

ProSport Automatic Marine Battery Maintainer and Charger, 1.5 Amp


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ProSport Automatic Marine Battery Maintainer and Charger, 1.5 Amp by Promariner | Marine Electrical at West Marine. This fully automatic battery maintainer and charger is excellent for personal watercraft, recreational ski and wakeboard boats, ATV’s, tractors and more. The newest generation ProSport 1.5 Amp fully automatic maintainer is an innovative multi-use charger designed for maximum utility. With concealed mounting holes, you can use the ProSport 1.5 onboard as a permanently-installed charger, or as a portable unit, with rear die-cut foam resting pad. Ring terminal and DC clamp quick connect cable assemblies are included. Marine grade design is weatherproof, water resistant to IP65 (splash-resistant) and can be used in all fresh and salt water outdoor and indoor applications as needed. Designed to keep 12 volt batteries (lead-acid type, either flooded or sealed) fully charged during short or long term storage periods, ProSport’s Energy Saver mode will monitor and auto maintain a battery when needed to maintain a full state of charge. ProSport 1.5 significantly reduces AC power consumption, lowers operating costs and maximizes reserve power performance. Key Features Fully automatic energy saving design Multi-use design, easily configures for onboard or portable use Concealed mounting holes and die-cut foam resting pad for portable use Expanded LED display for Power, Charging and Auto Maintain status Maintain 12 volt lead acid (flooded or AGM) batteries up to 150 amp hours of capacity Quick connect DC clamp and ring terminal cable assemblies included Weatherproof and water resistant to IP65 Built-in safety with reverse polarity, short circuit, temperature and ignition protection Pre-wired for easy installation Three-year warranty

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