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Rubber Bungee Cords with Hooks 25 Pack 31 Inch (54″ Max Stretch) Heavy-Duty Black Tie Down Straps for Outdoor Tarp Covers Canvas Canopies Motorcycle and Cargo – by Xpose Safety


Rubber Bungee Cords with Hooks 25 Pack 31 Inch (54″ Max Stretch) Heavy-Duty Black Tie Down Straps for Outdoor Tarp Covers Canvas Canopies Motorcycle and Cargo – by Xpose Safety


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LONG-LASTING & HEAVY DUTY: Hold and tie down virtually anything! Xpose Safety black bungee cord straps with hooks are made from premium quality rubber. Use cords to tie down motorcycles with a canvas tarp or cover to your flatbed or truck. SUPER STRETCHY RUBBER BUNGIES: Each strap measures 9 inches long and can reach a maximum stretch of 18 inches – over 50% of their original length! This flexibility makes them perfect for tying down all of your outdoor equipment and tools! HOOKS KEEP EVERYTHING SECURE: Make sure all of your cargo remains secure during transportation. Non-crimped s-hooks on both ends make it easy to keep items safely tied down without budging whatsoever. Black color blends in for a discrete look. WORKS FOR ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS: Rain sleet hail or snow is no problem for these resilient cords. Bungees can withstand even the harshest outdoor elements. These bungie tow straps are waterproof weather resistant and can be used outdoor or indoor. MULTIPURPOSE & VERSATILE: Cord ties are reusable and multi-functional. Use them for your dog camping fishing and other travel activities. It’s perfect for use in your home car truck van camper or RV. It’s also perfect for stowing away household items. Securely strap anything down! Bungee Cords from Xpose Safety is exactly what you need to keep thinks things secure. They’re designed for strength and flexibility. Keep just about anything secure for transport travel or storage. Straps work with all types of vehicles and with heavy-duty hooks you can rely on these rubber bungee cords to stay put. Industrial strength straps provide security that you can rely on. SUPERIOR STRENGTH & SUPERIOR STRETCH Tie down anything with no problem! These cords stretch 1.5 times their original length and never stretch out. A premium quality rubber effectively keeps tarps canvas and covers down. Keep them conveniently stored in your household and use them in times of need. Bungee cords are great for household chores moving handy work home improvements and outdoor activities. GREAT FOR TRANSPORTATION & TRAVEL If you’re an adventurer these straps are exactly what you need! They’re ideal for camping hunting and fishing. Use them to strap down all of your tools and equipment to your camper truck or RV. They can also be used to set up an outdoor canopy. Use them to cover and move furniture and large cargo. They’re great for moving companies painters landscapers pool cleaners and other professionals.

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