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High Performance Downrigger, 60″ with Swivel, Two Rod Holders

High Performance Downrigger, 60″ with Swivel, Two Rod Holders


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High Performance Downrigger, 60″ with Swivel, Two Rod Holders by Scotty | For Fishing | Fishing at West Marine. Charter boat speed designed for heavy duty use. Become more of a threat to fish by adding downriggers to your fishing arsenal. Downriggers give you the control to target fish in a specific water column with devastating effects The Scotty Depthpower is ideal for anglers that demand a heavy duty downrigger worthy of installation on any charter boat. Control the rate of descent using a unique clutch/brake system. Anglers can fine tune the rate line is dispatched like controlling a lever actuated throttle. This control lever allows you to gradually stop the line to prevent shock-loading the weight. Depth can be monitored using the digital depth counter. Cover more water by adjusting the trolling spread. Dual adjustable stainless steel rod holders keep your rods secure and allow you to control rod tip height and prevent line entanglement. A telescoping stainless steel boom and 360 swivel base with 16 locking positions enable you position the downrigger line further from the boat other lines. Quickly install and store with the quick release base and Scotty/Marinco plug and receptacle. Scotty downriggers come fully assembled with the required base and mount. With the base in position, installing the downrigger is as simple as plugging in a household appliance. When not in use, the Scotty HP Downrigger stores vertically to reduce its footprint and make docking and washdowns easier. An included weight storage hook secures the weight while not in use. Retrieve downrigger line quickly and hands-free. A single push of a button retrieves the line at a rate of 295’/ minute (15 lb. weight) and allows you to return your focus to landing a prized catch. The Kevlar drive belt was designed to meet the demands of heavy duty use. Multi-position autostop with optional 1008 stopper beads puts you in control of how the line is retrieved. Many anglers like to stop the wei

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