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Sahara Series Outboard 4 Gauge Set

Sahara Series Outboard 4 Gauge Set


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Sahara Series Outboard 4 Gauge Set by Sierra | Engine Systems at West Marine. Sahara Instruments feature a tan dial and retainer providing a classic look for your boat. Sahara Series 4 Gauge Set includes a voltmeter, fuel gauge, 65 mph speedometer and tachometer/hourmeter that have a tan dial gauge, black numerals, and a black pointer with a fire-orange tip for easy readability during the day. The red thru-dial and white perimeter lighting enhance readability at night. Scratch-resistant curved glass lenses feature near flush black matte bezels. Key Features Perimeter and thru-dial lighting for night readability Dial range is 8-18V DC for voltmeter, E-1/2-F for fuel gauge, 65 mph for speedometer and 0-7000 rpm for tachometer Gauge size is 2 for voltmeter and fuel gauge Gauge size is 3″ for speedometer and tachometer/hourmeter For more information regarding this instrument and the complete range of the Sahara Signature Series Instruments, please refer to the Sahara Series Instrument Overview.

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