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ACTU Engine Throttle Control

ACTU Engine Throttle Control


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ACTU Engine Throttle Control by Spinlock | For Sailing | Sailing at West Marine. Proven racing sailboat throttle control solution, the Spinlock ACTU is in use on sailboats around the world. Use a winch style handle for your engine control and never get your lines caught again! Using ATCU under power is exactly like using a normal throttle lever, except you can remove the handle at any time. Run the engine in neutral simply by pushing the handle inward, which disengages the clutch Return the handle to the minimum throttle position, and it smoothly re-engages. Seastar control sold separately: The ATCU/1 Faceplate is designed to fit SeaStar Solutions (formerly Teleflex) model B700, CH2100P and CH2600P engine controls (sometimes referred to as TX172152). It replaces the standard faceplate and handle provided with those controls, adapting them for use on a sailboat with removable winch handle throttle control. Includes faceplate with adapters and ATCU-LVR custom lever handle (also fits most winch handles with eight-point star drive pattern, so you’ll always have a spare in an emergency). Key Features Allows the engine control to be located in the best position for the helmsman to operate it while steering No risk of line snags when sailing or under power Deters boat theft with removable control handle 3 15/16″H (98mm) x 4″W (100mm) Four fasteners on 3″ (75mm) centers SeaStar TX172152 control unit and cables not included Replacement handle ATCU-LVR, Model 7453715, available Five year warranty

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