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Teknetics Digitek Metal Detector for Youth

Teknetics Digitek Metal Detector for Youth


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A quality metal detector designed for younger treasure hunters, the Teknetics Digitek Metal Detector for Youth delivers great performance that’s sized for teens and tweens. Packed with many of the same features found on adult-sized detectors, the Digitek combines an easy-to-use design with a great price. Great for coin shooting, jewelry hunting, and relic hunting, this lightweight machine combines easy menu operation with an easy to read visual display. The visual display includes a large Numeric Target display with up to 99 options, a 9-segment visual target ID display, and Graphic Target Depth Indicator to help you find what you are looking for and where it is. Fully programmable design offers Full Discrimination capability, giving you the ability to notch out unwanted targets. A 3-Tone Audio ID system with adjustable volume further help you zero in on your targets. Utilizing a 7.69 kHz. operating frequency, the Digitek features adjustable sensitivity and discrimination to help get the most out of its waterproof 7″ concentric elliptical searchcoil. Runs on one 9V battery (not included). Features a battery-power indicator, padded armrest and hand grip, and a 2-piece adjustable stem with locking collars. Weight: 2.3 lbs. Instruction manual included. Mfrs. 5-year limited warranty. Manufacturer model #: DIGITEK. Easy-to-use, all purpose metal detector designed specifically for youth Packed with great features – sized for younger treasure hunters Fully programmable design with Full Discrimination capability Easy to read visual display 99-option Numeric Target display 9-segment target ID display Graphic Target Depth Indicator 3-tone audio ID 7.69 kHz. operating frequency Adjustable sensitivity and discrimination Waterproof 7″ concentric elliptical searchcoil

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