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Remote Controlled RV and Trailer Mover with 3,500 lbs. Tow Capacity

Remote Controlled RV and Trailer Mover with 3,500 lbs. Tow Capacity


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Remote Controlled RV and Trailer Mover with 3,500 lbs. Tow Capacity by Trailer Valet | Trailering at West Marine. TRAILER VALET Remote Controlled RV and Trailer Mover The Trailer Valet RVR3 is a remote-controlled electric trailer mover made by Trailer Valet to take the chore out of moving your trailer. The RVR3 has a towing capacity of 3,500 lbs (trailer weight) and 350 lbs (tongue weight). The RVR3 hooks up to your trailer frame with a low tower bracket and allows you to bring your trailer directly to and from your hitch vehicle. With the RVR3, you can now maneuver your RV or boat in and out of a tight spot with the press of a button. The remote control has a long range and can be operated safely from up to 40 ft. away which allows you to walk the perimeter of your trailer, keeping your key pivot points intact. The RVR Series includes the RVR5 (rated up to 5,500 lbs) and the RVR9 (rated up to 9,000 lbs). All three RVR models come with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can give you up to 30-minutes of runtime while in constant use. The RVR3 has a compact design: Measuring at 18.5 in. x 16.5 in. x 10 in. and weighs 48 lbs. and includes 2 high torque planetary motors to drive most single axle trailers and some dual axle trailers. Aluminum Body: Allows for a lightweight design and a lifetime of corrosion resistance. Heavy-Duty Treads: Caterpillar Treads that give you more traction over different surfaces. Wirelessly Controlled: Easily and safely operate from any angle up to 40 ft. away with the push of a button. The RVR3 can push a trailer up a 5% grade; never pull your unit up any kind of incline. Features: 3,500 lbs towing capacity and 350 lb max tongue capacity Remote controlled for easy 360 degree usage Packaged with the low tower bracket the RVR tower can be purchased separately Can be used on multiple surface type While operating it is important to maintain a 8-12% tongue weight on the RVR

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