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UDAP Bear Shock Outfitter Camp Perimeter Fence

UDAP Bear Shock Outfitter Camp Perimeter Fence


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Rest easy knowing your camp is protected from unwanted visitors with this lightweight UDAP Bear Shock Outfitter Camp Perimeter Fence. It protects you and your equipment from bears by providing an electric charge when touched. That zap on the nose will convince a bear that there are other things it would rather be doing than investigating your campsite. The fence encloses a 45-ft. x 45-ft. area. It’s easy to carry at just 5.9 lbs. with batteries and fits into a 25″L x 8″W storage bag. Runs continuously for up to five weeks on two D batteries (not included). Easy setup and operation. Includes energizer, eight 4-ft. posts that break down, three 180-ft. electrical wires, role of flagging tape, hot wire, ground wire, ground stake, storage bag and how-to DVD. Made in USA. Wt: 5.9 lbs. with batteries.

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