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Water Filter Camping Hiking Survival Purification Straw | Portable Personal Water Purifier Pen Travel Backpacking Filtration System Best Survivalist Gear Prepper Supplies Gifts Men Women 2 Frogstraw

Water Filter Camping Hiking Survival Purification Straw | Portable Personal Water Purifier Pen Travel Backpacking Filtration System Best Survivalist Gear Prepper Supplies Gifts Men Women 2 Frogstraw


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FROGSTRAW PERSONAL CAMPING HIKING WATER FILTER Personal Survival Straw – Water Filter for Purification BE READY – GO CONFIDENT Enjoy safe quick freshwater with FrogStraw survival straws for purifying water. Useful daily and for traveling. Multi-use design: straw filter most water bottles or hydration backpack bladders. REMOVES BACTERIA PARASITES MICROPLASTICS Protects against 99.999999% of bacteria (including E.coli Salmonella) 99.999% of parasites (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium) 99.999% of microplastics silt sand and cloudiness. Rugged BPA FREE eco-friendly construction and NO AFTERTASTE. No fumbly replacement parts. RELIABLE HIGH FLOW WATER FILTER The FrogStraw weighs 2 ounces (57 g) making it easy to pack it anywhere. The microbiological filter will provide 1 050 gallons / 4 000 liters of clean and safe drinking water with proper use and maintenance. No shelf life when properly stored. KEEP YOUR LOVED ONES SAFELY HYDRATED with our water purifier survival straws. FrogStraw water purification straw materials meet or exceed FDA and WHO standards and is USA EPA Registered. WOMEN CHILDREN and FAMILIES displaced by a natural disaster war or conflict receive direct aid from your purchase. Stock an emergency water purifier for each of your loved one s safety. MINI WATER FILTER SURVIVAL STRAW #1 survival gear and equipment must-haves for family emergency water preparedness. The Frogstraw Portable Water Filter is a go-anywhere outdoor water purifier. Enjoy immediate water purification into direct drinking water from; rivers rain capture lakes municipal water bottles water bladders natural sources etc. Survive natural disasters like wildfires hurricanes floods tornadoes and earthquakes with our extreme duty water filter survival straw. Stock your home emergency supplies bug out gear roadside car emergency water filter kit and airplane travel essentials. The Frogstraw is easy to use. Simply place the water filter straw in your water source sip and enjoy better-tasting filtered drinking water. Connects standard water bottles and inline hose water bladder tubes of a backpacking water filtration system. It is Bacteriostatic and washable with clean water and no detergents. CONVENIENT AND VERSATILE Ready to use as a straw water bottle filter gravity bag and backpacking water filter hose inline water filter PERSONAL WATER FILTER STRAW | H2O FILTERING DEVICE SPECS: The portable water filtration system is only 8 x 1 in. This mini water dispenser travel straw is an excellent camping and hiking water filter for bushcrafting forest survival. Portable Personal Travel Water Purifier is the BEST CAMPING BACKPACKING HIKING WATER FILTER GEAR ACCESSORIES FrogStraw is a rapid pure water filter system – no need for chemical iodine tablets for water purification. Rated the best gadget gifts for men and women who enjoy mountain biking climbing mountaineering bushcraft hunting fishing police military medical firefighter survival gear equipment and accessories. Emergency survival water purifiers are life-saving gifts for a hiker camper backpacker mountain biker boater traveler rv owner new parents first time mom dad apartment and is a going away must-haves for airplane travel. Be prepared with water safety readiness essentials for home and travel Essential for 1rst aid kits go bag backpack survival kits purse 72-hour kit get home bag car boat or RV survival water filtration system. WUPrep is Veteran owned. We are crazy about quality and happy to serve you. BE READY GO CONFIDENT with WUPrep

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