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3 Gallon EPA Portable Fuel Tank

3 Gallon EPA Portable Fuel Tank


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3 Gallon EPA Portable Fuel Tank by West Marine | Engine Systems at West Marine. WEST MARINE 3 Gallon EPA Portable Fuel Tank 3 Gallon portable fuel tank is EPA-compliant and Low Perm certified. They require no additional valving in the fuel line to meet EPA standards are all emissions functions are performed at the tank cap. Equipped with unique rotational fuel pickup to allow easy fuel line routing and design incorporates 0.5 gallon reserve feaure that allows “limp home” capability if accidentally run out of fuel. Safe, reliable, and durable with attention to detail, engineering, and robust construction. They also prevent the escape of hydrocarbons at the molecular level. Confidently convey fuel directly to your engine. Features: Meets or exceeds EPA regulations for marine fuel systems emissions and permeation requirements ABYC/NMMA/EPA/CARB compliant Rotating fuel withdrawal Fuel Reserve Built into tank Easy to read fuel level gauge

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West Marine


West Marine

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