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Portable Power Generators & Solar Energy

Our Solar Power Partners


Who is Jackery?

Jackery is a popular manufacturer of portable power stations and attachable solar panels. Founded in 2012, Jackery has become a top-selling brand, focusing on solar panel and power generator products that make campervan and eco-friendly living a breeze.


Jackery was co-founded by former Apple senior engineer CEO Z. Sun. The name “Jackery” comes from the development of a battery jacket that was used for the Apple iPhone. Since then, they have been striving toward excellence in the portable energy solution industry. Most campers and van-lifers rave about Jackery products!


Jackery’s innovative energy storage products are award-winning and long-lasting. With thousands of positive reviews on their site and through third-party sellers, Jackery is a great option for campers and clean energy enthusiasts who want to power their lives in a portable way.

Jackery Most Popular Models

Jackery Product Overview

Jackery’s portable power stations have over 16,000 reviews on Amazon.com, with a whopping 4.7/5 star rating. Considered powerful and portable by many customers, Jackery’s products are great for camping, vanlife, and even for keeping the lights on during natural disasters like hurricanes. If you need power, port it around with Jackery products!
Using Jackery brand solar panels, campers and outdoors enthusiasts can create a constant recharge throughout the day to their portable power station. The display screen tells you how much energy you are bringing in and sending out, so you can offset your energy requirements with your own solar panels right at your campsite or backyard!

What’s best about Jackery is its versatility. Not only can you connect Jackery solar panels to your portable power stations, but you can also connect USB, AC adapters, and other input requirements. From car outlets to wall outlets, you can connect nearly every device you own a Jackery portable power station.

You can also control the different outputs independently with the press of a button. This prevents the overuse of the battery and instead directs energy to whichever device you have connected to your power station.

Why Jackery is Worth It

Jackery solar panels are compact, lightweight and flexible. Their portable power stations are versatile and easy to manage. For most campers and van-lifers, having a small power station is a lot more beneficial than a giant, high-powered one.
Furthermore, Jackery offers six different sizes for their power stations, ranging from 100W-1,800W! Their 500W power station is most popular, as it has the ability to power many smaller devices while still being portable and easy to manage.
Most campers concur that the Jackery portable power station package is quite cost-effective. You can get the Explorer 500 Solar Generator, carrying case, and a single 100W Jackery solar panel for about $850. That means you can have a long-lasting solar solution for your camping or energy needs for less than $1,000!


Affordable, compact, flexible, and versatile, Jackery has cracked the code on easy portable energy – especially since Jackery’s solar panels are easy to set up and manage! Jackery’s products are a great find for campers looking for their first portable energy solution.


Visit Jackery for the complete line of quality products

Lion Energy


Who is Lion Energy?

Looking to make its customers energy independent, Lion Energy offers a power solution for everyone. Lion Energy is a portable energy manufacturing company that makes solar generator kits, RV and Off-grid kits, power banks, energy storage systems, and lithium batteries.

Lion Energy prides itself on making quality, safe, and powerful energy storage systems that will keep you off the grid and thriving no matter where you are! Campers and van-lifers, as well as RV owners and eco-living enthusiasts love Lion Energy for its products.


Lion Energy partners with the American Battery Factory, the first lithium-iron phosphate battery cell factory in the United States. They were also ranked 8 out of 100 of the fastest growing companies in Utah in 2021 by the MountainWest Capital Network.

Lion Energy Product Overview

As a leading manufacturer of portable solar generators, power chargers, and energy storage systems, Lion Energy products are designed for various applications, from personal use to large-scale industrial projects.


Their Lion Energy Safari LT is particularly handy, providing on-the-go power for camping trips or tailgating parties. It comes with 2 AC outputs, 4 USB outputs, or 12V outputs and can also be used as a backup power source in an emergency.


The Lion Cub GO power unit is another great product from Lion Energy, perfect for charging phones, tablets, and other small electronic devices. It has USB compatibility, too – their 150W portable generator has a type C output, a 5v 2.4A USB, and a QC 3.0 USB output. It even has a wall outlet slot!


The Lion Energy 100W Solar Panel Kit includes everything you need to start, including the solar panel, charge controller, and mounting hardware. The panel is made of high-quality materials and is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. It is also easy to install and can be used with various types of batteries.


Finally, the Lion Safari UT 250 Lithium Battery is a great way to store energy for later use. It is perfect for households or businesses that want to reduce their dependence on the grid. Lion Energy’s products are well-made and provide reliable power for various needs.

Why Lion Energy is Worth It

Lion Energy products are great for finding affordable, compact, lightweight, and versatile power solutions. Lion Energy batteries are designed for various applications, from RVs and boats to solar power systems and backup power supplies. With various mounting options, they can be installed in almost any location!

Lion Energy also offers a line of solar panels that allow users to recharge their batteries and power generators off the grid, which is perfect for long-term campers or even clean-energy enthusiasts.

Lion Energy products are also backed by a 10-year limited warranty (which can be upgraded to a 25-year warranty), ensuring that customers can enjoy years of worry-free use. So whether you’re looking for a reliable battery for your next camping trip or a dependable power source for your home or business, Lion Energy has the necessary product.

Visit Lion Energy for the complete line of quality products

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