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Easy on the go food for serious hikers and bikers, just add water!

If there is anything more rewarding than opening your own business, it’s creating that business with your son.
Henry was the original inspiration for Food For The Sole, beginning when he asked me to provide his resupply for him and his hiking partner on the John Muir Trail. He has always been my most enthusiastic supporter, and I his.
In creating Food For The Sole, that support quickly turned into assistance, and then a partnership was born. At the root, our philosophy is simple; make the best tasting and most healthy portable foods for people headed out on adventures. All the remarkable places people can now enjoy these meals inspires and informs what we make, and how we make it.
Our mission is to elevate the adventure meals market. We do this by making foods that taste amazing, using only carefully selected ingredients with healthy meal choices as our product line-up. It’s our total privilege and a joy to collaborate and communicate the vision of Food for the Sole, by joining as mother and son to make you the best adventure-ready foods on earth.
If possible, estimate the amount of time until you will be ready to stop to prep your food. Fill the bag up according to instructions with cold/lukewarm water, then zip up the bag to ensure no leakage occurs and store the meal back in an outside pocket of your backpack and hike the designated amount of time until you find a nice place to relax, and the meal is ready to eat!
For the energy oats, I add water to these right as I leave camp in the morning (or maybe before I get out of the sleeping bag because, you know, it’s warm and cozy inside the bag but once you’re out… you gotta get moving!), then I find a nice spot down the trail to chow down once I’ve warmed up.

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